5-27-12: Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is the traditional “quarter pole” in the Major League Baseball season. It marks the point where the sorting out of contenders from pretenders truly begins.

For teams having seasons like the Twins are, it's a time to start evaluating the roster for trade possibilities with which they can begin to restock with young talent. For teams having seasons like the Tigers, it's a time to figure out why they've underachieved and what pieces need to be added in order to reach the lofty goals they'd set coming out of spring training.

But as we all know, Memorial Day is about a lot more than just baseball. Tracing it's origins to the “Decoration Day” of the post-Civil War era, Memorial Day was established to honor the men and women who've lost their lives in the service of their country's military. For many of us, it's grown to become a holiday on which we honor the memory of all those who served, whether they died in service or not.

Baseball has a long tradition of honoring the men and women of the armed forces, including some of the men who've played the grand old game.


5-12-12: Look At The Bright Side...

Every Friday at 5:45pm on WCCO Radio, John Williams has his weekly “Bright Side of Life” segment, where callers tell us what's making them happy this week.

That might sound a little hokey, but as John always says, “it's guaranteed leave you smiling”, and even for someone as cynical as yours truly, it generally does.

It's difficult to find many things to smile about when the Twins are 9-24 overall in 2012, and 1-8 on games where I've been out at the ballpark.

But in the spirit of The John Williams Show, I'll attempt to find something in this dreadful season to be happy about... namely the bullpen.