1-13-12: Tebow Time!

Hello again everybody...

To those of you I haven't spoken with in the last couple of weeks, I hope you have had and will continue to have a very Happy New Year!

And what better way to kick off 2012 here at “Writing for the Cycle” then by tackling perhaps the most polarizing athlete to come along in years, right?!

Okay, maybe some of you would prefer that I kick off the annum nuevo with lighter fare, but I can't help but think it would be far less interesting, so I'm going to go with my original idea anyway.

Tim Tebow - and perhaps more so the reaction *to* Tim Tebow - is simply one of the most fascinating things to happen to sports in ages. You might like him, you might hate him, but hardly anyone who has even a passing interest in football is ambivalent towards him.

Good, bad or ugly, people have an opinion. Those opinions range from the sincere and thoughtful to the crazy and half-cocked, with seemingly endless shades of gray in between.

I'm bewildered, I'm befuddled, I'm bemused, I'm amazed and ultimately I'm inspired by the range of reaction to him. And that's why I felt the need to write this column.

Which I'll get to...

Right after the quote!

“If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin.”
- John 15:22

Yes, I know. A Bible verse hasn't appeared here before. There are reasons for that which I may or may not get into as this goes along. We'll see. This is also the spot where I generally have some pithy or interesting explanation as to why I selected this quote. That's not going to happen right this moment either. Instead, you'll have to keep reading, and I promise it will connect to...

Tebow Time!