5-21-10: DFTU

Hello again everybody...

Let me begin with an apology, because things are going to be brief today. Not for any good reason either. I just plain dropped the ball.

You see, I'm a creature of habit. I like my routines. I value comfort. Mess with my routines and some things in my life are likely to spin out of control.

In this case, I had to work late last night and will again tonight. Unfortunately, that caused me to forget to write this column last night. So I'm scrambling to throw something together today. That's been complicated by our new on-air schedule, which leaves me far less time for “distractions” than I used to have.

(Yes, I know your hearts are all bleeding for me.)

I'm not trying to make excuses. Rather, I'm merely offering a meek explanation for the brevity of today's Update.

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So without any further ado...

Let's do this!

”All is in the hands of man. Therefore, wash them often.”
- Stanislaw J. Lec (1909 - 1966), Polish poet and aphorist

Sound advice all around.

It'll be brief, but hopefully no less satisfying... its

Dan's Favorite Teams Update

Minnesota Twins: The Twins are 24-17, tied with Detroit for first place in the AL Central and 7.5 games ahead of the Royals and White Sox.

Not a good week for the home nine. 2-5 was not what the boys had in mind when they headed out on a seven-game road trip to be sure.

We've reviewed the three games in New York. I won't belabor those points. Toronto was a two-game split. The Blue Jays aren't great, but they can hit a bit and Pavano didn't have his best stuff, so there you go.

The two games against Boston (whom I hate) were far more worrisome to me. The Twins will say they ran into a couple of hot pitchers in Bucholz and Lester. And there's a certain amount of truth in that. But there's been just as much of a jinx in Boston (the city, no hate) as there was in New York, so to get swept there was a bummer.

Never mind they're my least favorite team on the planet. Wait. Yes, I DO mind dammit! I hate the Red Sox!

What bothered me more than just losing to the Red Sox (whom I hate), was the performance of Francisco Liriano in last nights 6-2 loss. Liriano continued his streak of not working deep into games with high pitch-counts. Four and two-thirds innings while giving up five earned runs and taking 98 pitches to do it simply isn't going to get it done.

I was one who cautioned against labeling Liriano the “Ace” of the staff after his hot start, because he's shown this lack of efficiency in the past. I trust Rick Anderson pretty implicitly when it comes to handling his starters. So hopefully he can find a way to help Frankie through this sticky-patch.

Interleague play begins this weekend, and we Minnesotans welcome our friends from the east over for a three game set at Target Field. The Brewers finally broke their 9-game losing streak last night with a win of the Pirates, but they've definitely been scuffling of late. Hopefully they don't get on a hot streak while they're here!

Nick Blackburn takes the mound tonight against Dave Bush. Tomorrow afternoon (on Fox, check your local listings), Kevin Slowey squares off against Yovani Gallardo - that should be a good one! Then Sunday, the series wraps up with Carl Pavano trying to get back on track versus Manny Parra.

After those three, the Twins finally get a day off before welcoming the Bombers to town for their first visit to Target Field. Hopefully that three-gamer goes a little better than the one in New York did!

Arizona Diamondbacks: The D'backs are 18-24, in last place in the NL West and 6.5 games behind the San Diego Padres.

Let's see... lose two out of three in Atlanta, split two in Florida, and then come home to take two-straight from San Francisco...

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2010 Arizona Diamondbacks! Or as I like to call them “Schizophrenics on Grass”!

You know who I feel sorry for? Anybody who tries to wager on this team (assuming they're residing somewhere where recreational gaming is legal).

How do you know from one night to the next which Arizona team is going to show up?! Dan Haren's the losing pitcher in a 13-1 blowout in Atlanta. Meanwhile Ian Kennedy gets 13 runs of support in a 13-1 drubbing of the Giants.

You figure it out... because I sure can't.

One quick note, congratulations to Mark Reynolds hit his 100th home run as a Diamondback last night in their 8-7 win over San Francisco. That puts him third on the the Diamondbacks career home run list, and makes him the second-fastest Diamondback to reach that number.

Not bad for a kid in only his 4th big league season!

The Diamondbacks crack the seal on their Interleague schedule with three games against the Blue Jays this weekend at Chase Field. Dan Haren tries to bounce back from his last rough outing tonight against Brandon Morrow. Tomorrow Edwin Jackson faces Dana Eveland. Sunday Billy Buckner wraps the series up against Shaun Marcum.

Monday's also a day off for the Snakes, then it's back on the road starting in Colorado on Tuesday.

Okay, again, sorry for the brevity and relative lack of editing. I'll do better when I come back on Monday.

Until then, thanks for reading!


  1. Effort doesn't slump, Dan.


  2. I gave it my best effort...

    ... in the limited amount of time that I had! ;-)