12-7-09: Mailbag

Hello again everybody...

Back at it once again. No confirmation yet, but (knock on wood), it looks like this might be my last week on my goofy schedule. I'm hoping to know for sure later in the week, but I'm hoping as of next week, I'll be back to a Monday through Friday schedule.

I'm not sure if I took it for granted necessarily, but I have a whole new appreciation for that schedule. Radio is one of those fields where you expect to work goofy hours early in the process. But once you advance to the point where you earn a Monday-Friday week, and then lose it? It's less than convenient... I'll just leave it at that.

Also, thanks to those of you who have been inquiring as to my health status. The crud is still here, but so far thanks to copious amounts of OJ and Airborne (seriously, if you haven't tried the stuff, at the first sniffle, or tickle, start taking it pronto... it helps), I've been able to mitigate the effects of it. So far...

Yeah, I think I'm going to throw another “knocking on wood” in there. Just in case.

Today, it's the return of the bag. Last night, they announced which college football teams would be going where for the wonder of all the bowl games. But one in particular has rankled some people... I've got an email asking about it, and I'll discuss.

Break out your letter openers and let's do this!

”You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
- Jack London (1876 - 1916), American author

So maybe Elin wasn't pissed at Tiger, she was just looking for some inspiration?

Sorry Tiger, but you teed it up. (That was unintentional, Lon.) We're all going to line up to take our hacks.

My favorite tweet from this weekend was regarding a discussion as to whether Michael Chiklis (lead actor from “The Shield”) could be taken seriously as an “asskicker” since he's only 5'7”... it read as follows:

“It's possible to be an asskicker at 5'7''. Pacquiao... Mayweather... Elin”


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Time for the...

Sports Take Mailbag

Remember, if you've got a burning sports questions that's been gnawing at you for weeks, or if you've just got something you're generally curious about, please drop me an email at: I can't promise a complete, thorough or unquestionably correct answer. But I'll be as entertaining as I can about it!

On to today's email which comes to us courtesy of David in Milwaukee...

I saw some mock BCS match-ups and saw that they put TCU against Boise State? Would that really happen? Seems odd to me that any of the BCS Bowls would accept both of these teams. And seems like they'd screw the non-BCS schools by not giving them a shot at the big boys. Thoughts?

In the interest of full disclosure, I received this email on Wednesday, prior to the actual bowl match-ups being announced.

So to answer one question, yes David, that did really happen. And it was the Fiesta Bowl that decided to accept the match-up of Boise State and TCU.

The spin from the BCS? “It's the first time that a BCS bowl other than the Championship Game has featured a match-up of two undefeated teams.”

Really? THAT'S the justification? Oof.

As for my thoughts? I'm actually of two minds on the subject. So I've decided to make my best arguments “for” and “against” this match-up. Then I'll let you decide.

First up...

This game is a good idea...

If you look at the all the BCS match-ups (Orange: Georgia Tech vs. Iowa, Rose: Ohio St. vs. Oregon, Sugar: Florida vs. Cincinnati, Fiesta: TCU vs. Boise St., and Championship: Alabama vs. Texas), the Fiesta Bowl has the potential to be the most exciting of the five.

There may be some fireworks in the Sugar Bowl, but that could just as easily be a beat down handed out by the Gators.

Outside of that game, the rest aren't too difficult to predict - I'm talking winners/losers, not necessarily spreads.

But the Fiesta Bowl? TCU will be your favorite, but darned near anything could happen.

TCU has averaged over 40 points per game in their 12 wins this year. In their last 4 games, they haven't scored less than 45. In their last 7 games, they've surrendered more than 12 points only once. And that was against a solid Utah squad.

Boise State averaged almost 48 points per game in their 12 wins. Their offense topped 60 in one game this year, something that TCU didn't manage. Defensively, they weren't as good as the Horned Frogs, surrendering 20+ points six times.

But given those numbers, this thing could be a track meet.

And if it's a close, high-scoring game, doesn't that bring more attention and garner more comments than a big win over an Iowa or Georgia Tech?

Ultimately, if you're TCU or Boise State you're trying to increase your visibility and improve your image with kids who wouldn't otherwise see your school play. And given the “Battle of the BCS Busters” byline to this game, it's more likely to get headlines than if they were playing the ACC Champ or a second-place Big Ten team.


This game is a bad idea...

Here we go again. The rich, old men that run the BCS have done everything they can to keep non-BCS conference schools out of the picture. But when two of them go undefeated and by virtue of their play demand to be allowed into the group, they find a way to stick them in the same bowl. That way the “Big Boys” don't have to take a chance at getting beat by a TCU or a Boise State.

The last four times a non-BCS school has taken on a member of the Big Six conferences? They've gone 3-1. And now two of them want to take their shots in the same year?

No, no, no. We can't have that!

If non-BCS conferences are every supposed to be legit contenders for the national title, they have to be allowed to demonstrate that even though their schedules are considered inferior, they can compete with the elite in college football.

That won't happen this year. Outside of Alabama and maybe Florida, there aren't any other teams making BCS appearances that I don't think TCU could beat. And quite frankly, I'd only make Florida a 3-point favorite. And against Boise? Now I think Oregon and Cincinnati become questions, but again, they'd be low single-digit favorites at the most.

The biggest disappointment is that 2009 could've been the season where we really found out. There are many who would refer to the three previous wins in BCS Bowls by non-BCS teams as flukes. But if two teams got in and beat BCS schools in the same season? You can't call that a fluke anymore. That would make the case for inclusion as well as anything could.

Sure, the game could be a track meet. But even if it is an exciting one, the winner will be dismissed as the most talented team at the little kid's table. And that's it. Not a legit national championship contender, which is certainly where TCU at least, belongs.

So there you have it. Good thing, or a bad thing? You make the call. Tack a comment on below and let us all know what you think. Especially if you feel like there's another angle that I haven't mentioned.

And thanks again to David in Milwaukee for the question. Remember, if you want your question answered, drop me an email at:

I'll be back on Wednesday with the final week of regular season college football picks.

Until then, thanks for reading!

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