12-28-09: Notes

Hello again everybody...

I seem to have to do this repeatedly on Mondays, but allow me to apologize for getting this post up late. Once again, I was preoccupied on a Sunday night, and didn't get it written ahead of time.

Did you know that you can fill an old PC's hard drive with iTunes files to the point where you literally can't download any more? I didn't. Until I got home yesterday and tried to download the free digital copy of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” that came with the Blu-ray copy I got (thanks Mark and Cade!). That's when iTunes told me, “Hey dummy! Your hard drive is almost full. There's not enough room to download this movie!”

Turns out that my iPod actually has more storage space (80 GB) than my PC does (70 GB). Who knew?!

Fortunately, I was able to head out this morning before work and use a Best Buy gift card (thanks Uncle Tim!) to help purchase a 250 GB external hard drive. When I left for work, I'd transferred about 1/6 of my iTunes files over. Hopefully it's finished by the time I get home tonight!

That was last night's drama. Work demands required my attention until the basketball game started, so that's why the column's late.

So mea culpa. But I still got the post up on Monday, so it counts!

Not a lot to talk about today, but I'm sure I'll find a few Notes for you.

So let's light this candle!

”Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.”
- Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963), English writer

Ain't that the truth? The best times you've ever had usually sneak up on you when you weren't looking for them.

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Which leads nicely into the first of this week's...


And a Merry Christmas to all...

Obviously the biggest story from this past weekend was the holiday. Hopefully yours was fun!

For those of you not living here in the upper Midwest, be glad. Snownami '09 wasn't quite as bad as some feared, but it still made travel a pain in the ol' posterior as we tried to get over the river and through the woods as it were.

But we're a hearty breed up in these parts, and thankfully I was able to make it to all the family gatherings over the weekend. It's always fun to catch up with members of my extended family; aunts, uncles and cousins that I don't get to see as often as I might like. Plus I got an unexpected, and definitely kick-ass present as a direct result of a family-oriented Running Game Commentary I wrote earlier this year (you can read it here - Thanks Renee!).

But perhaps the most fun I had all weekend was the reaction I got when I gave my immediate family the gift of legacy.

That's right, this year, I purchased a spot on the Twins Tradition Wall. Most of my family are baseball fans, and now our names will join hundreds of others as a permanent part of the display at Target Field.

Plus we got this cool crystal piece as a keepsake:

I honestly didn't figure my family would be as excited by the idea as I was. But their reaction exceeded all my expectations and made my whole Christmas!

So thanks Dad, Mom, Mark and Cade! I can't wait til we can get out to the ballpark and see the Tradition Wall in person!

Make up your mind Urban...

The biggest sports story from the weekend came courtesy of the flip-flopping football coach at the University of Florida.

Urban Meyer has won two National Championships in his stint in Gainesville, and had his club two wins short of a 3rd this year.

On Friday, he announced that he was stepping down from his job due to health considerations. On Sunday, he announced that he wasn't resigning, he was just going to take a leave of absence.

The story goes that Meyer had to be taken to the hospital a few weeks back after the Gators lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship game. At the time, we were told it was for dehydration.

What we've learned since then is that Meyer was having chest pains, and lost consciousness. We've also learned that it wasn't the first time he'd experienced similar symptoms.

So on the advice of his doctor and after consulting with family, friends and University officials, Meyer announced his resignation. Supposedly there was a tearful meeting with his players before the public statement came out. And then the news was that the Sugar Bowl would be Meyer's last as coach of the Gators.

Unfortunate, but understandable.

But on Sunday, everything changed. Suddenly, Florida was announcing that Meyer wasn't resigning. Rather he was taking an indefinite leave of absence and Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio would be taking over the reigns of the Florida program until Meyer was ready to return.

Does that mean Meyer will still be consulted on recruiting matters? We don't know. What about game plans? We don't know. What about the personal appearances that college coaches put in on a regular basis? Nope, we don't know that either.

The truth is, this whole story is one giant question mark after another. After what seemed like a well thought-out and planned resignation, two days later it's all changed? And we're supposed to believe that a “spirited practice” on Sunday morning is what led to Meyer changing his mind?

When I first talked to my brother (a high school football coach) about this, his immediate response was “this is fishy... something's not right here”. And I'm beginning to think he was right.

Unfortunately, what makes elite college football coaches great, also leads them to these kinds of confusing situations. The passion to compete is something that you either have or you don't. It's not learned, it's just there. I'm sure it was agonizingly difficult for Meyer to make the decision to walk away from a job that's his all-consuming passion. But when you're stressed to the point that you lose consciousness, that's got to be a wake-up call.

Though, in this case, it apparently wasn't enough of one. I'm sure Urban means well. I'm sure he'll try to step away from his job to try and address whatever health issues he's experiencing. But when he decides on a “leave of absence” two days after he “resigned”, I have to wonder how committed he really is to taking care of his health as compared to taking care of his program.

I hope my suspicions are wrong. The guy's got three kids and obviously wants to be around to watch them grow and have their own kids. But this smells like a guy wanting to have his cake and eat it too. And I'm not sure that's going to work.

That's going to do it for today. Short and sweet, I know, but it's a hectic time of the year.

Remember to tune in for the Champs Sports Bowl tomorrow as the Badgers take on the Miami Hurricanes. Kick off is at 7pm, check your local listings!

I'll be back on Wednesday, most likely with another mid-week DFTU. Friday is New Year's Day after all, and I'll be plenty busy.

Until Wednesday, thanks for reading!

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