5-6-09: Mailbag

Hello again everybody...

Mid-week time, and I'm dragging a little bit. Given my normal work hours, I know nobody out there's feeling sorry for me for having to come in for a 10am meeting. But if you had to be in at 5am instead of 8am for a meeting, you'd be a little annoyed too. Trust me.

Whatever. The meetings are done, and it's time for my normal shift. Well, not exactly, but close enough where I can start cranking out the blog.

And it's time for the return of another feature column here at The Sports Take. I haven't done a Mailbag in a while, and I got an email last night that fits the bit perfectly. So today I answer one of your questions. Hopefully, in an entertaining manner. Remember, if you want your question answered by the massive staff of researchers here at The Sports Take, send me an email at:

Let's open up the bag!

"Anger is the feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind."
- Evan Esar (1899-1995), American humorist

Those people who are raging against the possibility of Favre becoming a Viking should take heed!

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And that leads us to today's edition of the Sports Take Mailbag. Today's question comes from Denise in Phoenix:

"Is Favre really talking to the Vikings??? Would they really consider him???"

The short answers are: yes and yes.

But that wouldn't make for much of a column, would it?!

So allow me to break it down a little.

As to the first question, yes, Favre is really talking to the Vikings. As has happened each of the last two off-seasons, Favre is going through his annual, "I want to play, but more importantly, I want someone to want me to play" bit.

Call it ego, call it hubris, call it whatever you like. Favre still has a desire to be a star on Sundays, and it irks him that the Packers didn't want him anymore.

That's why, in his mind, the Vikings have always been a perfect fit. Their quarterback situation has been unsettled since Daunte Culpepper blew out his knee against the Bengals. So Favre could come in and instantly be the starter, no questions asked.

Plus playing for Minnesota would give Brett the opportunity to stick it to the Packers at least twice a year. Don't think for a second that doesn't carry a lot of weight with Favre.

So regardless of what he's texting Trent Dilfer, or what Ed Werder's reporting, I feel pretty safe in stating that not only is he talking to the Vikings, but I'd wager he has been for several weeks.

As for the second question, yes, the Vikings would consider him. Any team that he had interest in would be foolish not to at least have a conversation.

First of all, he's not going to be interested in going somewhere where there's an established quarterback, which would limit his playing time. The Vikings clearly don't have an established quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson is entering his 4th season with the Vikings and it's unclear whether he's going to develop into the quarterback that Vikings staff projected when they drafted him. Minnesota's brain trust also signed Sage Rosenfels in the off-season to compete with Jackson. Rosenfels is entering his 9th year in the league. Over the previous 8 he's averaged appearing in 4 games a year. That's appearances, not necessarily starts. What exactly the Vikings see in him that his previous 3 teams haven't, I'm not sure. But given those two options, a healthy Favre can't be considered any worse.

Secondly, the Vikings have to consider it from a purely business perspective: Favre = Money.

Over the last two years, the Vikings season ticket base has shrunk considerably. And until Adrian Peterson burst on to the scene, the Viking had numerous games where local blackouts were a distinct possibility. Does anybody out there think they wouldn't sell out within 48 hours of a Favre signing announcement? Of course they would. Plus, the ratings for the Viking/Packer game on Monday night instantly increase, and the Fox game later in the season becomes an A-level game overnight.

In fact, you could make a solid argument that regardless of what Favre did on the field, it'd be a worthwhile signing for the Vikings. His contract would probably be average in terms of guaranteed money, and heavy on incentives. So say the Vikings sign him for $4 million for 2009 with an option for 2010. They'd make that money back in jersey sales alone! Add in ticket sales, and marketing opportunities, and there's no question that Favre would make this team money.

From a fan perspective however, performance does matter. We've all heard the stories about the biceps injury that Favre sustained near the end of last year. There's no guarantee that he'd be at 100% coming into this season. And even if he were to be declared "healthy" there's no guarantee that he'd stay that way throughout the season.

But even if he gets hurt, what's the downside? You're right back to having Tarvaris and Sage as your options, and based on the money Farve made you, you're not even out any cash!

What it ultimately comes down to is, "does Brett want to play?" If he does, the Vikings would be foolish not to sign him. Even if it means letting him skip mini-camps, or come in late for training camp, they'll sign him. It makes way too much financial sense not to.

That's today's Mailbag. Thanks for an excellent question Denise. (Oh, and Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!) Remember, if you have a question you want answered, send an email to:

I'll be back with more on Friday. Until then, thanks for reading!

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