2-6-09: Notes

Hello again everybody...

We've reached the end of another week, and from what I see from my Facebook friends, it couldn't come soon enough. For those of you who haven't taken the "social networking" plunge, do so with the following warning in mind: it will thoroughly and completely dominate your life.

I'm not saying that in a completely negative sense. Facebook has created all kinds of interesting opportunities for me, but it's highly addictive. One of my favorite writers, John Buccigross, has specifically created a maxim to prevent himself from spending all day checking updates (I included a couple others because they make a ton of sense):

-- Don't spend all day and night on Facebook. It drains your brainpower. Get in and get out.

-- Text and e-mail in complete sentences. Be clear and concise and very specific.

-- Don't send an e-mail on the company computer that includes anything that you wouldn't stand up and yell in the main lobby of your place of employment.

Solid advice from one of the best sports writers you'll ever read. Although I've utterly failed to apply the Facebook maxim. I'm really trying to make the other two work though!

But on to the sports. As I'm sure many of you have guessed, I don't have a ton to talk about today, hence the lengthy preamble. For those of you new to The Sports Take, when I start going off about things like Facebook, it means the rest of the column will likely be a touch short.

So today it's a random Notes column. Several different subjects, none of which I feel deserve a whole column. But I still have thoughts on each, so I'll rapid-fire my way through them. Off we go!

"A quotation, like a pun, should come unsought, and then be welcomed only for some propriety of felicity justifying the intrusion."
- Robert Chapman (1920-2002), American English professor

I think that's the right "Robert Chapman". There were several references on Wikipedia and my quotes page didn't help with the identification. Oh well, if I got it wrong, my apologies to the English cricketer, the conservative Member of Parliament, the U.S. Court of Appeals judge, or the President of the University of North Carolina!

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Okay... on with it already... here are some Notes:

- The streak is over! That's right, the Badger basketball squad finally broke their losing streak with a 63-50 win over Illinois. Thank God. I saw most of the first half, but only caught glimpses of the finish as I was out watching my cousin's band. It was tight back and forth in the early goings, but at about the 10 minute mark of the first half, the Badgers broke out offensively, ran out to a 12-point lead at halftime and never looked back.

Time for them to build some momentum as they head to Penn State over the weekend. That's not a gimme, but it is definitely a winnable game. After a 6-game losing streak, is an 8 game winning streak too much to ask for? Probably. But I'm not losing hope!

- Todd Haley is the new head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Poor schmuck. He gets "Santonio Holmes'd" in the Super Bowl and now he's got to run that operation?! Oof.

For those of you who need further explanation, Haley was the offensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals prior to accepting this job. And the Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the most woeful franchises in recent NFL history. Consider them the AFC version of the Detroit Lions.

Maybe he's got a shot at turning this thing around. The Chiefs have a new GM who came over from the Patriots, one of the most successful franchises in recent NFL history. And clearly, with the right personnel, Haley can run a potent offense. But Tyler Thigpen is no Kurt Warner. At least not yet. We'll see.

Anquan Boldin doesn't want to be a Cardinal anymore. Maybe KC would be a likely landing spot for him?

- Michael Phelps smoked pot?! Here we go. NBC turned him into an icon during the Olympics, and now we have to tear the icon down. Am I the only one who's seen this movie before? If it follows the pattern, he'll go to rehab, disappear for a while and then come out with a book and make 10-times the amount he stands to lose in endorsements.

What I love about this story was that he didn't get photographed with a little joint. No, the picture shows him sucking on a gigantic glass bong. I mean if you're going to get busted for smoking weed, you should get the most out of it, right?

Let's not feel too bad for Michael Phelps here. Rosetta Stone, Guitar Hero and the slew of other endorsements he's landed can't take their checks back. Sure he's blown a chance at some future income, but like I said, the book deal will cover most of that and then some.

- Soccer star, David Beckham, wants to stay in Italy instead of returning to the L.A. Galaxy. What will MLS do now?

What? You didn't know there was still Major League Soccer? Yeah, no worries. Not many other people did either. Hey, I'm all for the league being successful. But the Beckham experiment might have been the shortest-lived hype in the history of professional sports.

- Kobe and LeBron drop 61 and 52 respectively on the Knicks in the Garden. You want to know why I don't like the NBA much? How about because a marquee franchise has been reduced to a punchline.

Think about it. The only time you ever hear about the Knicks is when somebody scores a bevy of points against them, or when Spike Lee gets in a verbal altercation with an opposing team member.

I can't think of another league where a franchise like this in a major market has been this bad for this long. If any of you can, please let me know. But it's one of many things that makes the NBA look bad in my eyes.

Okay, that's all I've got for this week. Enjoy the (relatively) warm weather over the weekend! I'll be back on Monday, with more Sports Take wonder for you to digest. I think I'm going to the Wild game on Sunday, so there's a distinct possibility that there'll be a Running Game Commentary headed your way. We'll see. Until then, stay safe and thanks for reading!

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  1. Actually, I think that was the guy that sang that "Fast Car" song. Oh, that was Tracy Chapman, sorry.