Week 15 Picks Post-Mortem

Hello again everybody...

Happy Monday to you all. I'll admit to being slightly bummed. And it's not just the usual Monday "blahs". It's because there's no college football to look forward to at the end of the week.

Yes, the Bowl season is only 12 days away. But it still sucks to have neither of your favorite sports available to you over any length of time. And we're still 65+ days away from pitchers and catchers reporting.

The NHL and college hoops are nice. But it just isn't the same. Oh well.

Enough of my whining. I have one last weekend of regular season picks to break down for you. I know you're all waiting on pins and needles, so let's get to it!

"We live in a Newtonian world of Einsteinian physics ruled by Frankenstein logic."
- David Russell (1942- ), Scottish classical guitarist

I know when I want fine philosophy, I start searching through the whims and witticisms of Scottish musicians. Don't you?

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It's Monday and that means breaking down my college football picks from this past weekend. Let's get to the Post-Mortem!

First up...

Ball State -15 vs. Buffalo (MAC Championship): Final Score - Buffalo 42, Ball State 24
*This was this week's Sports Take Flier Pick of the Week.

I got off on the wrong foot with this one. I mis-read the recreational gaming website that I count on for the lines, and thought this game was Saturday night instead of Friday night. Imagine my surprise when I got up Saturday morning and saw clips from a victorious Buffalo coach Turner Gill's post-game interview. I had to do a double-take and make sure I was actually awake.

Turns out I was and that the game was actually Friday night. Woops. Hope nobody was counting on my blog to watch that game.

What Dan Learned: If you read the preview I wrote of this game, I gave something like three different reasons why Buffalo could win and then went with Ball State because, "they're my darling team, so there." If any of you were still wondering why I created the concept of the Flier Pick, it's precisely so I can do stupid things like that and get away with them! Oof.

0-0, and pressing the re-set button...


Navy -11 vs. Army: Final Score - Navy 34, Army 0

They were giving money away on this game. Army never had a chance. Their offense can work against the right defense, but Navy has too much speed and too much talent for Army's ball-control attack to be successful.

But the real joy of this game was seeing all those uniforms in the stands and being reminded about how much this game means to all those folks who serve their country.

Fun stuff.

What Dan Learned: Whoever decided to go with the camouflage helmet and pants design for Army? I hope they're not in charge of any battle plans anywhere. Yeesh. Back to the drawing-board with that one fellas.

1-0 and back on track...


Florida -10 vs. Alabama (SEC Championship Game): Final Score - Florida 31, Alabama 20

This might have been the best game all weekend long. Billed as Florida's speed vs. Alabama's power, the game was predicted to hinge on which team could force the other to play their style.

In actuality, Florida proved that not only can they play with speed, but they can match power with just about anybody in the nation as well.

The game was neck and neck until the 4th quarter when Florida finally pulled away to cover by one. Not the way I saw the game going, but a lot of fun to watch none the less.

What Dan Learned: Tim Tebow might be the best college football player I've ever seen. Yes, I understand they hyperbole involved in that statement. But wow, the kid's incredible. The Heisman race is going to be damned interesting this year. I won't tell you my pick until Wednesday, but I think you could make a strong argument for three different quarterbacks, which should lead to some of the closest voting results in recent memory.

2-0 and feeling good about my chances at 3-0...


Oklahoma -17 vs. Missouri (Big 12 Championship Game): Final Score - Oklahoma 62, Missouri 21

For a record 5th game in a row, the Sooners put up 60+ points. That's just insanely good.

Sooner QB Sam Bradford is one of the other Heisman candidates I referred to earlier and he didn't disappoint.

A lot of people are lamenting Texas' exclusion from the National Championship picture. And while it's clearly not the fairest outcome, I don't see how anyone can argue that Oklahoma deserves it any less.

The Sooners are a dominant football team and clearly are deserving of a shot at the title. I'm looking more forward to Florida/Oklahoma than any BCS Title game I can recall.

What Dan Learned: I hope Missouri enjoyed the trip and the perks that go along with playing in the Big 12 Championship Game (they've got to get a ton of free Dr. Pepper at the very least right?). But they never had a chance here. 17 was way too low a number. Thank you Vegas.

3-0 for the week. Not the perfect 4-0 I was striving for all year, but I'll take it!

So my final tally for the season is 33-17 (.660). I was hoping to get +.500, but winning almost 2/3 of the time? That's more than I dared dream. And I think it also means that if you add in the Flier Picks I whiffed on, I still managed a high enough percentage to win money! I'm sure one of my fine readers will provide us with the relevant numbers.

So it's on to the Bowl season. It kicks off December 20th with a 4 game slate. I've pondered the idea of trying to pick them all, but that might be biting off a touch more than I can chew. We'll find out in a week or so.

That's all for today ladies and gents. I'll be back on Wednesday with my Heisman pick and the standard DFTU. Until then, thanks for reading!

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