Fantasy Football & Wek 12 Post-Mortem

Hello again everybody...

I know you've been anxiously awaiting all weekend, asking yourself the same questions over and over: how many times did Dan see Quantum of Solace and what did he think? I won't make you wait any longer.

I only saw it once on Friday. I wouldn't say I was underwhelmed, but I certainly wasn't overwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, it was good and if you liked Casino Royale then you'll like Quantum. But there was a new director this time around, and his imprint on the movie is fairly noticeable in my opinion.

The negative reviews that I've read claim that the movie is one big chase-scene. That's obviously an exaggeration, but I can see where that feeling comes from. There's no question that the director sacrificed fleshing out certain plot-threads in favor of keeping the movie going at a fast pace.

Daniel Craig turns in another solid performance, still bringing the "bad-ass" to the Bond character. Mathieu Almaric could've been one of the great Bond villains, but again, there wasn't enough time spent establishing his character. There was really only one scene where you felt like you could really despise the guy, and there needs to be more than that if you want to be a classic Bond villain. And Olga Kurylenko? Oh my.

So if you're on the fence about seeing it my advice is this: go see it. Don't expect it to be as good as Casino Royale was. Just sit back, relax, munch some popcorn and enjoy the thrill-ride.

Movie review, fin.

Today, I've got a football column to recommend including perhaps the greatest paragraph on fantasy football I've ever read. Then it's the Post-Mortem on my Week 12 college football picks. So off we go...

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds."
- Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, statesman and author.

Of course, a clever man will make you think he's found an opportunity and then duck out the back door with your wallet!

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I've mentioned him before, but if you're a sports fan and have any kind of appreciation for pop-culture and you're not reading Bill Simmons, then you're doing yourself a disservice.

The guy's a brilliant writer and I rip off his style as much as I can manage. Last week I was reading this article when I came across what has to be the greatest description of fantasy football that I've ever read:

My big epiphany: Really, the fantasy football season isn't fun. Winning is OK; losing is agonizing. You constantly feel awful about your choices and your bad luck; it's the only exercise that causes arguments with friends you normally never would argue with; and you spend roughly a kazillion hours managing your team for the 10 percent chance that you might win your league. There's just not a ton of upside. It's almost like smoking cigarettes -- it started out with good intentions, and it's something to do, and it can be fun in the right moments, but ultimately, there are an inordinate amount of moments when you find yourself leaning out a window in 20-degree weather to puff out a quick cig as your nose gets frostbitten, or bumming a cig from a group of horrible girls and then feeling obligated to talk to them, or waking up in the morning and coughing up your right lung. Really, it's more harm than fun. And yet, we continue to do it. And love it. This entire paragraph made me want to smoke.

No mom, I'm not starting to smoke. I just laughed uproariously because Simmons managed to describe exactly why I got out of fantasy football better than I ever could!

Really mom, I'm not smoking, I promise!

Finally for today, it's my Week 12 Picks Post-Mortem. I've been on a bit of roller coaster lately. Last week was up, so was this week down? Let's find out!


Nebraska -6.5 @ Kansas State: Final Score - Nebraska 56, KSU 28.

And the streak lives on! Seriously Nebraska fans, I don't know why you're not emailing me every week begging me to pick your squad. All I do is get you wins!

Okay, this one wasn't that hard to call. Kansas State's coach is playing out the string, and the kids are pretty much mailing it in.

But Big Red got the job done and have set themselves up to go to a decent bowl game. I won't take all the credit... but I'll take some of it!

What Dan Learned: I actually am a glutton for punishment. I can hear the growls coming from Kelley households all over the metro already!

1-0 and feeling strong. Next...

Wisconsin -14 vs. Minnesota: Final Score - Wisconsin 35, Minnesota 32.
*This game was this week's Sports Take Flier Pick of the Week.

Mixed emotions? Sure. No, I didn't cover and that sucks. But considering that the Gophers held a 21-7 game at halftime, I'm certainly pleased that Wisconsin managed to (once again) maintain a hold on Paul Bunyan's Axe.

Make no mistake, this game was bowling-shoe ugly. Both teams made a myriad of mistakes, and really it came down to "whoever makes the last one loses". The Gophers simply made the last one.

What Dan Learned: Here's how this is going to play Minnesota fans... you're going to lose to Iowa this week and end up 7-5 (3-5). Wisconsin is going to beat Cal Poly this week and finish 7-5 (3-5). And by virtue of their heads-up win and better-traveling fan base, the Badgers will end up at a better bowl than Minnesota. Amazing how the world has a way of righting itself like that isn't it?

Still 1-0 (that's why I created the Flier Pick)... thirdly...

LSU -18.5 vs. Troy: Final Score - LSU 40, Troy 31.

I'd have had a shot in this one if LSU had bothered to show up in the first half. Troy led 24-3 at half, and 31-3 in the early goings of the third quarter.

But if you wondered why I thought this was such a lock, witness the last quarter and a half when LSU outscored the Trojans 37-0. 30 of which came in the 4th quarter alone.


What Dan Learned: Les Miles isn't God, no matter how much he might try to convince you otherwise. The Tigers were flat out awful for over half the game, and were fortunate to pull out the win here. Losing this game at home would've been a huge embarrassment for the defending National Champions. Ugh. I hate this game more than I can possibly describe.

1-1 and more down on LSU than I thought possible. Finally...

UCLA -7 @ Washington: Final Score - UCLA 27, Washington 7

My ace in the hole! Thank you Washington for being so horrible.

I'm one of those people who refuses to stay up to try and catch West Coast college games on Fox Sports Whatever, so I didn't see any of this game.

What Dan Learned: I think we can pretty much bet against Washington no matter what the line and be correct. Too bad they only have two games left!

So I finished the week 2-1. That makes me 27-17 (.614) on the year. And that, ladies and gents, does it - for the regular season. With 3 weeks remaining and a worst-case record of 0-9, I just guaranteed us a +.500 record! I'd like to thank the academy, my parents and all of you loyal readers for being with me on this momentous occasion. The only goal left now is to make all the way through Bowl Season without surrendering the +.500 goodness!

That'll do it for today. I'll be back Wednesday with the DFTU-ness of it all. Until then, thanks for reading!

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  1. I'd like to see you pick the bowls at .500...seriously, I know you'd have to be unbelievably awful to get out of .500 now, might wanna just lock in the regular season, and claim 'second season' for the bowls.

    I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.