Baseball Notes: Extra Innings, Friday Post Script & Interesting Stat

(ed. Note - Originally written 7 April, 2008)

Hey folks...

I'm posting a special edition of the baseball notes because I remembered some stuff that I meant to include Friday and didn't... plus a couple of updates.

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First of all, I want to thank all those folks who so generously offered to help with my MLB Extra Innings package. As it turns out your donations won't be necessary as I've found another source of funding. Thanks to my good friend Josh who pointed out to me that I had a nice little chunk of money in my online poker account not doing a whole lot. So a few clicks later, a check is on it's way to me for exactly the amount necessary to provide me (and by extension you all) with all the baseball coverage a person could ask for! Thanks again Josh... I owe you a dinner!

Secondly, I meant to mention a note last Friday about Kerry Wood. Have you seen this guy yet this year? (I know you Brewer fans have) I was playing with hypotheticals when I put him in my original steroid discussion, but oh my. The guy lost like 30 pounds this offseason! In my opinion, there's only one reason a guy loses that much weight in baseball. He saw what was happening to his buddy Roger, he saw that Mitchell Report and he got off the stuff toot sweet! I don't know if it was steroids or HGH, but his weight loss doesn't leave much doubt that it was one of the two in my mind. Sad.

Thirdly, I saw a statistic over the weekend that blew me away. At one point on Sunday, Twins starters had pitched a total of 43 innings. That in and of itself isn't remarkable. But over those 43 innings, they gave up exactly 1 walk. That's outstanding. Now obviously that's not something you'd expect to remain a constant average, but it does give Twins fans a glimmer of hope since the starting rotation was supposed to be this team's weak point.

I'm not ready to change my thoughts on where the Twins will finish just yet... but I'll admit to feeling marginally better about their chances.

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